Daddy (In Memoriam)

Time and chances
separated us.

Our family’s woes
and the funeral blues—
written messages in the air,
and scribbled alphabets on the stone—
“R. I. P.” Rest in Peace, they read.

Life is so fragile.
Unpredictable, indeed!

Forgive me, father,
If I come home late.
To see your face glowing
To hear your voice tendering
For the journey is long and rough,
And time and spaces separated us.

But I will see you often
when the long winter has gone
and the frozen mist drifted away.

I will hear you say
In the silence of night,
In the dark and cold midnight.
(You will ask for God’s mercy).

I will see you go
Early in the morning,
To work for family’s supplies,
To search for our future light.
(Our family will be safe).

I will see you come
In the time of grey light,
In the hour of my little
brothers and sisters.
(You will play together with them).

Or sometimes I will burst out
When I see you all flustered
Because you saw those
Little pink or blue letters
That are in my schoolbag,
That some pretty little girls
Put in it, (I think),
For the Valentine’s Day.

(Moments are our treasure,
So are memories).

I will see you often, father,
So forgive me
If I come home late.

(Our words are our prayers,
Our prayers are our promises,
And our promises are our remembrance).

But life is so fragile;
And unpredictable, indeed!

Time and chances separated us.

Gin Suan Tung

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