Online Lectures, Conferences, Interviews, and Q-&-A

1. Slavoj Zizek

Karl Marx and Hegel (Zizek)
The Hegelian Wound 2014 (Zizek)
Lacan and Sexual Difference 2011 (Zizek)
The Idea of Communism and its Actuality (Zizek)
Materiality and Theology 2007 (Zizek)
The Reality of the Virtual (Zizek)

2. Paul Virilio

Dromology and Claustrophobia (Virilio)

3. Jean Baudrillard

The Murder of the Real 1999 audio (Baudrillard)
Cultural Identity and Politics 2002 (Baudrillard)

4. Jacques Derrida

Gilles Deleuze: On Forgiveness 2004 (Derrida)

5. Gilles Deleuze

What is the Creative Act? 1987 (Deleuze)
Deleuze on Kant (Interview)
D & G: What is a Rhizome? (Joseph Vogl)
Is Deleuze’s Film Theory Useful? (

6. Jacques Lacan


7. Judith Butler

Psychoanalysis, Authority, and Discernment 2013 (Avital Ronell and J Butler)
Freud and Non-violence 2013 (Avital Ronell and J Butler)
Benjamin and Kafka 2011 (J Butler)
How to Read Kafka 2011 (J Butler)
Kafka and the Poetics of Non-Arrival 2011 (J Butler)
Benjamin and the Philosophy of History 2011 (J Butler)
Hannah Arendt, Ethics and Responsibility 2009 (J Butler)

8. Theodor Adorno

Adorno and Aesthetic Theory 2009 (Martin Hielscher)

9. Noam Chomsky

Language and Philosophy (Chomsky)
The Militarization of Science and Space (Chomsky)
Terrorism and Civil Liberties 2015 (Chomsky)
The Future of Humanity 2015 (Chomsky)
Thought Control in Democratic Societies (Chomsky)

10. John Searle

Philosophy of Mind 2011 (Searle)
Philosophy of Society 2010 (Searle)
Philosophy of Language 2010 (Searle)

11. Literary Theory

Introduction to Theory of Literature (Prof. Paul Fry)


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